Unconventional technologies at O.ME.P.S

Unconventional technologies at O.ME.P.S

Always at the forefront with the new fiber optic laser


The expansion and modernization plan launched by O.ME.P.S in 2019 includes the new investment for the purchase of the new state-of-the-art fiber optic laser, which falls into the category of unconventional machine tools and which is currently the most recent of technologies available to the manufacturing industry for unconventional processes.


The optical fiber laser, put into service last February 2023, ensures very high performance in terms of cutting speed and precision, also almost completely eliminating emissions into the atmosphere.


The cut takes place on a very small surface thanks to the optical fiber laser without bringing large portions of material to melting temperatures; the melted part is reduced to a minimum and therefore there is no alteration of the mechanical characteristics of the material. The cut is surgical, without burrs!

The acceleration performance reaches 6 times the acceleration of gravity, the laser source is state-of-the-art with a power of 12Kilowatt and allows the cutting of aluminum, stainless steel or brass, in atmospheres of oxygen, nitrogen or a mix of the two gases.

This laser cutting technology is unique in Italy and there are only 3 or 4 of them in the world with the same dimensions. The cutting and numerical control software are of the latest generation and the machine is fully interfaced with the company management systems and with the Siemens nx design software.

With this new laser cutting technology, to replace 2 plasma cutting machines and 2 waterjet cutting machines, O.ME.P.S guarantees high production automation with a double automatic cutting bench 8 meters x 3 meters and thus increases the quality and volumes of production.

High quality level and fast delivery have always been among O.ME.P.S priorities, which will be further improved thanks to the fiber optic laser.