The future is now: GreenEnergy

The future is now: GreenEnergy

It is extremely important for O.ME.P.S. to respect the Earth and fight pollution and climate change, in fact already in 2019 with the expansion works of the Battipaglia site, we embarked on a one-way path: the eco-friendly road with the specific purpose of reducing (and often break down) energy waste and emissions.

The huge investment in renewable energies such as photovoltaics has led to a real super factory with an area of approximately 41,000 m2, of which 11,700 m2 are covered. This translates – in terms of energy management – into high energy efficiency, cost reduction and reduction of losses.

The innovative latest generation solar panel system literally covers the roof of the new shed and – combined with those already present – guarantees energy independence that goes beyond the classic «electricity», exceeding the needs of the factory and producing, especially in summer , energy surplus (which is reused). We are talking, in numerical terms, of a truly remarkable capacity: 1050 kW, which produces about 6 megawatts of electricity per day.

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That’s not all. In 2021, all parking spaces were also covered by photovoltaics and equipped with columns for recharging hybrid and full electric vehicles. This, in addition to keeping the cars sheltered from the scorching Battipagliese sun and making the climate in the passenger compartment pleasant, obviously produces clean energy.


O.ME.P.S. is not only Green Energy but above all Innovation.


At the headquarters we have four new painting booths, a new machine for robotic and automatic 360-degree welding, a new press-bending machine and the innovative and revolutionary machine for cutting sheet metal – optical fiber laser. This latest technological feat, thanks to its patented method, guarantees a precise, perfect cut, without even micro burrs (typical of the old machines) and, the most important point, it does not produce residues and fumes from the cut. In addition to these pluses, fiber optic laser cutting consumes less energy than other machines, we are talking about 50/60% less, and increases productivity thanks to a much, much faster cut.

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Every machine present in O.ME.P.S. factory and each production process is conceived in compliance with the legislation on the protection and respect of the environment and with a view to saving resources.

We add again that even the rainwater is collected in tanks and decanted before disposal. The same attention is also applied to all waste, expertly differentiated, treated and disposed of in compliance with the environmental regulations in force.

In O.ME.P.S. we believe that energy efficiency is the only way to combat climate change and counteract the dizzying increase in electricity: making ourselves increasingly productive and competitive without futile waste is the way forward.



These are the values that have led our company to be a model to follow for all operators, customers and suppliers who choose us as a partner.