Optimized transport with «multi-compartment» semi-trailer

Optimized transport with «multi-compartment» semi-trailer

In addition to the «classic» single compartment semi-trailer, O.ME.P.S.  manufactures also special silorailers with several separate compartments, perfect allies for the correct storage and transport of starchy foods, animal feed and grains. The division into compartments allows to deliver different products and perhaps to different customers in a single trip. The advantages, in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact, are therefore evident.

The compartments inside the tank can be completely watertight, with an independent unloading valve for each compartment, this allows not to mix the products together. Furthermore, the final part of the unloading can be equipped with a ball or butterfly valve with ringjet, which guarantees further safety and high speed of product outflow, while the lids are of the sliding type with manual or pneumatic actuation to load quickly and without waste of time.

Vehicles for the transport of feed must load and unload at production sites, storage facilities or farms that have very complex logistics and are difficult to reach due to the difficult road conditions. This requires the third steering axle with electro-hydraulic drive through the special VSE steering system, a system with great advantages compared to the others on the market as it is based on the Ackermann principle, therefore with a greater steering angle
In this way, greater loads can be delivered almost anywhere and at multiple delivery points, even where it would not be possible for a normal silotrailer. The result is less road traffic, a reduction in fuel consumption (-5% for trucks and 20% for trailers) and a 30% increase in productivity.


Another particularity of the semi-trailer with the VSE steering system is that it has no mechanical connections, therefore maintenance costs can be drastically reduced up to 65%.


O.ME.P.S. semi-trailer can be realized in different volumes, up to 68 m3, and in multi-compartments, customizing the size of the sections and subdividing or merging them according to need, thus providing for multiple discharge cones that can be configured above the fifth wheel  and have single or completely separate discharge pipes for each compartment and type of product transported.


Among the versions already made, to name a few, there are:

– semi-trailers of 60 m3 with 7 compartments, configuration in 3 or 4 axles for Denmark;

– 55 m3 tanks with 4 compartments, configuration in 3 or 4 axles, standard version for Central Europe;

– self-supporting semi-trailers of 54 m3 and 5 compartments for East Europe;

– 62 m3 silo trailers with 4 compartments for Holland.


That’s not all. OME.P.S. is studying further versions from 7 to 10 compartments, and  the self-supporting model of 55 m3 with 7 cones (of which 2 are positioned above the fifth wheel) is coming.

In conclusion, multi-compartment semi-trailers, thanks to their structure and technical characteristics, guarantee maximum efficiency and safety during their use, offering numerous advantages both for carriers and for end customers.