Vacuum Silotrailer: thousand destinations of use.

Vacuum Silotrailer: thousand destinations of use.

In this article, we will explore the characteristics of the special CR Vacuum 57m3 tipping semi-trailer, the perfect ally for the transport of chemical materials signed  O.ME.P.S.

Entirely in EN 5182 H111 aluminium and with a thickness of 6 mm, our CR Vacuum has a very resistant 800 mm rear cup in pure stainless steel with a removable aeration disc, also in stainless steel, and a 150 mm valve with a pneumatic vibrator complete with pressure regulator. The whole structure is supported by 17 aluminium alloy reinforcement rings which guarantee its safety even in depression.


Furthermore, the tipping semi-trailer has a very valid product transfer system, also in stainless steel, with 4 inputs with motorized valves. The particular self-cleaning filter is made of the same material while the fixed suction pipe has DN 100 filling valves with visual inspection glass. The micronic filter and the air cooling radiator are also of fine workmanship: all in a completely bolted light alloy frame.

This highly engineered O.ME.P.S. product is used for vacuum operations such as emptying small and large silos of granular and powdery materials allowing their maintenance, it is used for the recovery of materials dispersed in the environment due to road accidents, falling tanks during the overturning phase, material pollution, etc. and it is even perfect for transferring large quantities of granules from silos to other plants.


But that is not all. In addition to vacuum, our CR Vacuum silorailer has also been designed to work under pressure. The CR Vacuum tipper semi-trailer can be built in different volumes.

In support of our article, we find “Attore Autotrasporti” of Riccardo Attorre, a historic company based in Brindisi that operates in the chemical sector and has owned our CR Vacuum in its large fleet since 2021. Here we report his statement in this regard: “The versatility of use is the major quality of this vehicle. With this purchase we are able to satisfy all the needs of our customers and have completed the range of semi-trailers enable us to look towards a future of innovation and growth.”


O.ME.P.S. once again is confirmed as the perfect road companion also for companies that transport extremely particular materials, assuring them reliability and quality.