OMEPS, the Italian semitrailers that the Germans like

OMEPS, the Italian semitrailers that the Germans like

2007 is an unforgettable year: OMEPS enters the German market with its light and powerful silo vehicles and literally conquers the public.  Germany currently accounts for around 20% of sales with over 500 registered vehicles and is establishing itself as an important European logistics hub. From there, our silo trailers travel all the roads of the old continent, nation by nation.

Where does this success in Germany come from? The answer is really simple. According to surveys and feedback, our semitrailers are highly appreciated and loved for their undoubted reliability, lightness, resistance to the climate and extreme temperatures of the Nordic countries and, most of all, for their design. In fact, German customers love to customize our silo trailers to make them more and more unique and personal.

cisterna Omeps personalizzata

This only makes us proud and carries the flag of Made in Italy ever higher, especially considering that about a fifth of the OMEPS bulk vehicles destined for the German market actually represent the first export business in Europe that our quality loves and wants.

Therefore, we can mention some of our old customers both from the impressive fleets like Kielholz Rybicky, Hahne Spedition, Berger Beton, Heidelberg Cement, Papenburg, Cemex, as well as the smaller companies that still remain very loyal to our brand and our reliability and driving safety recognizable by the low center of gravity, which guarantees perfect road holding even in harsh climatic conditions.

cisterne Omeps Germania

In addition to the fascinating Italian design, the reliability and the speed of the unloading process, customers prefer OMEPS semitrailers for the impressive quality of the welding and painting (everything is done in our headquarters in Battipaglia), respecting the strict rules of the ISO 12944 quality standard. In addition, the attention to detail is really meticulous: imagine a zinc primer being applied to the suspension which prevents rust and oxidation over time, typical problems encountered by all vehicles cruising the roads of Northern Europe.


In summary, the high quality of the raw materials, the considerable skills of the technical department (always ready to respond to vehicle customization needs) combined with the well-organized network of German dealers who follow the customer also with after-sales support and in case of spare parts requests ensure the success of our silo vehicles in Germany.

The silo semitrailers are our real passion that encourage  us  to constantly improve, maintain our reputation and increase sales on the German and Northern European markets, by cultivating the special relationship of trust with the end customer with the greatest care.

Cisterna Omeps su strada
Our silo trailers are ready for Europe’s roads.