OMEPS special vehicles

OMEPS special vehicles


It is a very delicate historical moment, where attention to consumption, the global economy and the environment has tripled. OMEPS, which has always been attentive to these issues, is working with greater commitment in order to optimize resources (both in terms of raw material and economic expenditure) and, above all, to reduce CO2 emissions.

An efficient and very valid solution are the special vehicles, which structurally differ significantly from the standard ones as we have an increase in volume, size and therefore payload. The flagship of these is our road train, two or more vehicles connected by a single engine, widely used in Northern Europe.

The strong point comes from the tractor: yes, a single tractor towing two or more silotrailers produces high savings, if we take into account the purchase cost of a tractor, the raw materials needed to build it, the electronic components (now less and less available ) and maintenance. We can still assert that a single engine certainly consumes less fuel than two and actually produces lower emissions, polluting less.

Special vehicles, therefore, also make up for another great current problem in an excellent way: the lack of specialized drivers that grips our continent. With the use of two or more tankers towed by a single tractor, customers can transport double or triple the load with a single driver, which again translates into savings for companies. In summary: less tare, more payload, less expense, more yield!

Meanwhile, OMEPS continues on the road towards the future and towards sustainable transport, clamoring for both Italian and European institutions to invest in and improve communication routes to allow the correct and efficient circulation of these “consumption-saving” vehicles. We hope that special vehicles will soon become commonly used vehicles.

Less is More.