O.ME.P.S. look to the future: pellet transport

O.ME.P.S. look to the future: pellet transport


A perfect synergy between manufacturers and dealers always leads to satisfactory results. In fact, O.ME.P. S in collaboration with the Dealer Transconstruct Gmbh ensured that the Austrian company Sturmberger Group could receive its first pellet vehicle before the new year.

Furthermore, the customer being highly enthusiastic about the quality and reliability of our semitrailers, signed an order for about fifteen units to be mounted on three- and four-axle tractors. In short, 2023 looks really promising.

Sturmberger Group will receive equipment divided into three compartments entirely made of high-quality tin which will allow it to work in vacuum and with the following characteristics:

  • sliding lids to facilitate and speed up the loading of the product;
  • KWS weighing system (including cells, printer and monitor) which since 1991 has focused on customer needs as well as compliance with local and international meteorological regulations;
  • Kaeser compressor
  • boxes for containing the specific exhaust pipes for pellets;
  • mobile aspirator;
  • reversing camera;
  • Haken für Ketten;
  • hooks for chains;


In addition, the customer will be provided with a remote control which will allow to minimize unloading operations thanks to advanced features such as:

  • starting/stopping the engine;
  • compressor drive;
  • power take-off engagement;
  • opening/closing of the valves;
  • acceleration/deceleration.


O.ME.P.S. silotrailers have the peculiarity that makes them truly unique as they can be customized in order to satisfy every single need of the client. In short, more unique than rare.

The equipment can vary in volume (from 13m3 to 32m3), with either single or multiple compartments; in self-supporting, tipping or demountable version, and/or under ADR regime, with possible transshipment system included.

All these specifications expand our silotrailer universe more and more, making it an excellent ally for the job.

But the future has already begun. We anticipate, spoiling the news, that our engineering department is engaged in the construction of an equipment for transporting pellets on an electric drive.


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