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Customer requirements are the foundation of all we do

O.ME.P.S was and still is a pioneer in Italy for developing an engineering department able to conceive and manage the entire design phase digitally.

Special software for 3D modelling and innovative calculation software allow O.ME.P.S. to:

  • meet specific customer needs for the required volumes at the lightest weights
  • calibrate accurately the reliability of the vehicle through simulations of loading conditions
  • prevent design errors and costly vehicle off the road rectifications
  • reduce production and delivery time
  • and reduce operating costs offering greater profit for the operator

Project development starts immediately after analisys of customer needs:


Study and creation of a model of the tank shell according to the desired volume.


Checking of the load distribution on the fifth wheel and axles.


Structural analysis of the model and identification of technical solutions to reduce stress and optimize unloading time.


3D modeling of the frame, lids, catwalk and of all other components until reaching complete modelling of the vehicle in order to prevent any possible assembly (or operational) problem.


advancing from 3D model to the development of the flat surface of each component- creation of execution drawings. At this point the project goes into production for physical build.