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A story of Tenacity, Skill and Innovation

O.ME.P.S. Silotrailers

Our brand has been seen on the highways and by-ways of the world since 1999. The journeywhich started in the South of Italy, today crosses all five continents. A company that relies entirely on research, quality and the future. A trademark which is synonymous with reliability in the transportation field.

This is O.ME.P.S.

And above all, this is us. Because our work is more than just a job, it’s a project, a dream. Because a part of us travels proudly with our brand. And because we have no intention of stopping.

Team Omeps

Company history

The story of a company very often corresponds with the story of a man: Vincenzo Munzio, who from a young age developed a passion for motor vehicles,and transformed it into his job in the field of repair and spare parts. Technical competence is the basis, but courage takes you to the top. Without doubt, some twenty years ago, Mr.Munzio,(the founder and CEO of O.ME.P.S.), needed a lot of courage to switch from a service center to a production plant for silotrailers for the transport of dry bulk powdery products and granulates.

O.ME.P.S.’ history is also a story of loyalty and friendship. In fact, behind his twenty-year trademark history, you’ll find the same team for over forty years. Most of the technicians and workers currently employed in O.ME.P.S. are the same people with whom Mr. Munzio has achieved his goal of becoming the owner of a strong, stable and financially healthy company.


Main features of O.ME.P.S. silotrailers


O.ME.P.S. use exclusively light alloys for its vehicles. This helped to reduce the tare weight and increase the payload: the quid pro quo that convinced the market and launched the brand O.ME.P.S. all over the world.


The ever-present role of beauty; the deeper it is, the greater value it has: this beauty comes from high-level design, adding production expertise to the craftsmanship of its workers, taking full advantage of aerodynamic flows and in so doing,delivering to the customer genuine jewels of technology and innovation.

Our trailers can be customized or painted according to customer’s desires.